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Government Strategies

Development of IP zones

By developing industrial port zones, the Quebec government is promoting manufacturing investment projects to create employment and increase the value of Quebec exports, all within a context of sustainable development. 

Industrial development near ports will optimize infrastructure use, promoting both economic development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Maritime strategy

As part of its Maritime Strategy, the Quebec government has acknowledged that the St. Lawrence River and the Baie-Comeau port are essential to economic development. 

The provincial government’s Maritime Strategy demonstrates a commitment to developing communities along the coast and, by extension, to developing Baie-Comeau’s infrastructure and improving the region’s quality of life.

Société du Plan Nord

In the same vein, the Baie-Comeau IP zone can benefit from the services of the Société du Plan Nord, a key player in implementing the Quebec government’s Northern Plan. The government intends to focus on developing clean, innovative energies to supply isolated communities in the Northern Plan territory.

Critical and Strategic Minerals

The provincial government’s Northern Plan demonstrates a commitment to support the infrastructure needed to exploit and develop the mineral resources of Northern Quebec. The plan also proposes increased support for key projects such as those for graphite and rare earths. 

The growing number of mining projects, particularly those linked to the Northern Plan, is also driving demand for value-added secondary processing products. 

Several mining projects are expected to begin construction over the next few years in Canada as well as in the Côte-Nord and Labrador regions. Baie-Comeau’s location plays a key role in supplying these northern markets, as they require the delivery of non-standard parts.

Plan for a Green Economy

With the goal of a carbon-neutral Quebec by 2050, the Quebec government’s 2030 Plan for a Green Economy aims to develop efficient, end-to-end supply chains, from mining to battery manufacturing.

Strategies by sector

Secondary processing

Any company setting up a secondary aluminum processing facility in the Baie-Comeau IP zone can benefit from a political commitment by the Quebec government in the form of the Quebec Aluminum Development Strategy.

This strategy is intended to improve the entire aluminum chain, and directly affects secondary processing. With a focus on innovation, it aims to make Quebec’s aluminum industry a world leader when it comes to environmental transition.

In terms of the secondary mineral processing of resources extracted in the region, companies can benefit from a provincial political commitment in the form of the Strategic Vision for Mining Development in Quebec proposed by the ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts.

The government is committed to enhancing existing mining sectors and developing new ones.

Agricultural and forestry products, bioproducts, and bioenergy

The creation of the Sustainable Forest Management Strategy by the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de Forêts demonstrates the government’s commitment to developing the forest industry.

The government is committed to working towards a productive forest environment that creates diversified wealth, with the goal of fostering a diversified, competitive, and innovative wood products and forestry industry.