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Access to resources

Mining, forestry, or energy: the resource of your choice is just around the corner!


Several strategic minerals can be found in the subsoil of the Manicouagan and Côte-Nord region. Although these resources are not extracted within the Baie-Comeau IP zone, having mining operations in the Nord-du-Québec region opens up opportunities for primary processing and storage of the extracted material, as well as promotes the import-export of consumable goods intended for the mines.

6 strategic minerals

  • Graphite
  • Titanium
  • Rare earths
  • Nickel
  • Scandium
  • Iron

The location of the Baie-Comeau IP zone, with its direct access to northern Quebec, makes it a prime choice for mining industries looking to optimize their operations.  

For information on the status of various mining projects north of the 49th parallel, click here.

Check out the interactive map on Quebec mining data.


The Baie-Comeau IP zone is located near large volumes of timber. Within a 150 km radius of the Baie-Comeau IP zone, there is a gross volume of over 16 million m3 of hardwood and softwood. The Côte-Nord’s forest region extends over more than 100,000 km2.

Road network

The road network to access the available supply is in good condition. The region’s forestry industry is already well established, and potential synergies for recycling forestry residues will be greatly exploited and facilitated.

Storage capacity

With a storage capacity of 441,000 metric tonnes, Cargill already manages a significant volume of grain each year in its storage silos located in the IP zone.

Therefore, direct access to the 2nd largest grain warehouse in the country is readily available. Exporting dry goods via Cargill’s port is also an option—the company says it is open to business opportunities that involve the sharing of its facilities.


Baie-Comeau is at the heart of Canada’s green energy production, with one of the most powerful hydroelectric connections in North America.

  • Access to low-cost hydroelectric power  
    The cost of electricity in Quebec is 36% lower than in the United States. On average, it is 49% lower than in other G7 countries. 
  • Some of the lowest electrical connection costs in Quebec  
  • Modernized substations to ensure power reliability  
  • High potential for wind power

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