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About the Baie-Comeau industrial port zone

The Baie-Comeau IP Zone 

At the heart of a vast territory designated by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, the Baie-Comeau industrial port zone provides the opportunity to develop and transform Quebec’s mining, forestry, and energy resources in a sustainable and responsible manner.  

With our dedicated resources for innovation and social and environmental responsibility, Baie-Comeau sets itself apart thanks to its proactive approach, doing its utmost to make your project a reality.

Besides maximizing the potential for synergies between companies, the IP zone also facilitates logistics activities via its access to road and rail networks, as well as year-round port facilities. Companies can therefore benefit from functional facilities to increase their efficiency.

Baie-Comeau’s IP Zone capitalizes on expertise and research, particularly in green energy, to set the standard for innovation. Supporting industrial and commercial projects alongside MU Conseils, a RMBMU business entity, also helps build a solid foundation for taking action.

Our IP zone is one of the few in Quebec offering considerable development potential for large-scale industrial sites, with over 500 hectares available.  

Perimeter of the Baie-Comeau IP Zone

The IP zone was established based on the region’s strategic infrastructures and amenities. With a surface area covering nearly 27 km², including the maritime area, it encompasses a significant part of the City of Baie-Comeau and is able to meet companies’ and industries’ most specific needs.

Our Vision 

  • To establish ourselves as leaders in cutting-edge industrial ventures relating to critical and strategic minerals, green metallurgy, batteries, green hydrogen, and bioenergies;
  • To be proactive and make every effort to offer promoters optimal, personalized support at every phase of their project.

Our Support


  • Clear and concise information on incentives, markets, workforce, land and site conditions, training, R&D, suppliers, transportation networks, laws and regulations, financing programs, and any other information relevant and targeted to the project and the investor’s specific needs;
  • Clear and concise information on investment projects in the same industrial sector to provide comparisons and promote synergies;
  • Structured and personalized visits to sites and infrastructures in the region, based on project requirements.

Feasibility Assessment

  • Start-up and implementation assistance for promoters;
  • Support for promoters during the decision-making process;
  • Support and advice for feasibility studies and business plans;
  • Assistance with financial aid and incentives;
  • Networking to help the promoter connect with local authorities, potential partners, venture capital managers, R&D networks, government representatives and site selectors;
  • Start-up tools, especially for a new company in Canada, including permits and regulations.


  • Obtaining financial aid;
  • Supporting and providing advice on legal and financial arrangements, project engineering, and staff recruitment;
  • Networking with strategic suppliers;
  • Participating in various management and board committees within a new entity to provide local support.

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