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Invest in Baie-Comeau

Companies in Baie-Comeau benefit from a stable and efficient business environment, due to the strength of its institutions. The Canadian banking system is sound, and the corruption index is low. The procedures and time required to obtain permits are reasonable.

Unique advantages of Baie-Comeau

Affordable hydroelectric renewable energy across Quebec

  • Promoting sustainable development
  • Low-cost Quebec electricity:
    • 36% less than in the United States
    • 49% less than in G7 countries
  • Electrical connection costs among the lowest in Quebec
  • Outstanding electrical power reliability due to recently modernized electrical installations

Low-cost Quebec workforce:

  • 34% less than in the United States
  • 16% less than in G7 countries

Ideal entry point for access to several hydroelectric infrastructures via route 389

Investment in Quebec

Investment in Quebec has grown in recent years, mainly from the United States and Europe.


Mineral resource extraction and primary processing

Mineral resource extraction and primary processing are well-established operations in the Baie-Comeau region. An efficient support system is already in place, which facilitates the supply of consumables, support services and other related services, such as logistics, legal assistance, engineering, etc.

Secondary Transformation

The abundance of mining resources in Baie-Comeau creates opportunities for value-added metallurgical processing. Baie-Comeau’s IP zone is home to Alcoa, a leading primary aluminum producer.

Timber products, agricultural products, bioproducts, and bioenergy

The Côte-Nord forestry industry is well established, and there is a considerable volume of timber available for logging near Baie-Comeau. The potential synergies between forestry operations in the Baie-Comeau region and the manufacture of biofuels from forest products are substantial.

The Baie-Comeau IP zone is already home to a leading forestry company, Produits Forestiers Résolu. Cargill, one of the world’s largest ethanol manufacturers, is also based in Baie-Comeau. Cargill has the second-largest grain storage site in Canada.

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Financial incentives

There are a number of local financial incentives available, as well as long-term Quebec and Canadian incentives, for companies who wish to establish themselves in the Baie-Comeau IP zone.

Provincial and federal


  • A local property tax credit program is available for new projects located in the Jean-Noël-Tessier industrial park. This program can amount to up to $6 million over 5 years.
  • The Fondation économique Manicouagan can help finance the preliminary studies required prior to implementation.

Support is available to help promoters navigate the various financing offers and submit applications for different types of financial assistance.

Database of public companies

Discover the online database for contractors and suppliers in the northern region.