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Industry Profile

Baie-Comeau is home to a variety of projects in its industrial port zone. The local industry encompasses a wide range of expertise, and our region has the resources to support industrial innovation and large-scale projects.


The Baie-Comeau Aluminerie Alcoa employs approximately 900 workers. It became the first Alcoa plant in North America to obtain certification in sustainable development from the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI). A significant investment program was carried out in recent years to boost the plant’s performance.


Baie-Comeau is one of seven Canadian cities with a Cargill grain and oilseed port. This port is used to store and transship products destined for export. The Baie-Comeau site is the 2nd largest in Canada.


Hydro-Québec is very active on the Côte-Nord, with over 1,200 employees in the region. With its 24 power stations and 50 substations in operation on the territory, it accounts for over 30% of the province’s energy production. Hydro-Québec is Canada’s leading electricity producer and a world leader in renewable energy.


Lefebvre Industri-AL is a versatile company specialized in recycling residues from aluminum production. Internationally recognized for its innovative process, Lefebvre Industri-AL recycles aluminum dross and residues without sending them to the landfill or creating GHGs.


Béton préfabriqué du Québec (BPQ) designs customized and innovative solutions for a wide range of construction projects. The company is recognized across Canada for the engineering and agility of the precast concrete parts it produces and delivers, even to northern territories.