6 December 2023

Refurbishment of Terminal No. 5: Baie-Comeau Port unveils preliminary development concept

Refurbishment of Terminal No. 5: Baie-Comeau Port unveils preliminary development concept

Baie-Comeau Port has revealed a preliminary development concept for the refurbishment of Terminal No. 5. Dating back to the early 1960s, the current facilities of Terminal No. 5 have become outdated. This project aims to give them a new lease of life and optimize them by creating a high-performing multimodal port terminal. This will open up new business opportunities while strengthening the port’s role as a driver of sustainable regional development.

The projected works include reconstructing the dock, dredging the seabed, and reconfiguring parking and access lanes. Improving the visual and functional interface between the port facilities and the maritime hub is at the heart of the proposed developments. “In addition to refurbishing Terminal No. 5 itself, the installation of an architectural fence will enhance the aesthetic appearance and overall experience in the area, while also increasing the safety of all users. Although Terminal No. 5 is not accessible to the public, access to the multi-use dock (berths 1 to 4) will continue to be possible when there are no port operations,” explains Karine Otis, CEO of the Port.

Successful preliminary consultations

Certain aspects of the project are subject to environmental authorizations, for which a comprehensive impact assessment is required. In preparation for this phase, scheduled for 2024, preliminary consultations were conducted during the fall of 2023. These activities involved nearly thirty organizations from Manicouagan and First Nations with interests in the project area, identifying topics requiring further analysis.

“We feel privileged to have the participation of such a large number and such a diverse range of local and regional organizations in the workshops we proposed this fall,” rejoices Karine Otis. “It is essential for us to deliver an impact study that will not only meet government guidelines but also address the questions, concerns, and expectations of the community.”

All shared concerns have been compiled to be integrated into the work plan for the forthcoming impact study. Regarding the opportunity to improve coexistence, safety, and access to the maritime hub area for the population, collaboration with the City of Baie-Comeau and other organizations in the area is already underway to identify any related measures to be implemented. Lastly, discussions with industrial users of the port have highlighted various avenues to improve operational efficiency, which is an integral part of the project’s objectives.

Continuation of participatory approach

Baie-Comeau Port is committed to continuing the development of this project in a participatory manner. Karine Otis specifies: “Our goal remains to gather all the favorable conditions for the harmonious implementation of the project, for the benefit of the community.” Today, a new informative section has been added to the Port’s website. In fact, www.portbcomeau.ca/t5 gathers key information about the project for the population, including models of the preliminary concept. Furthermore, a public information and exchange session will be organized during the winter, along with other forthcoming meetings with organizations in the community.

About Baie-Comeau Port

Baie-Comeau Port is an independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to manage the multi-use port facilities of Baie-Comeau and develop their full potential to ensure their sustainable, safe, and efficient development within the Quebec and Canadian port network. The port is at the heart of the industrial port zone of Baie-Comeau and strategically located on the Saint Lawrence, in a deep-water bay ice-free year-round.