20 September 2022

Industrial-Port zone: Its priorities and requests for the next government of Quebec

Industrial-Port zone: Its priorities and requests for the next government of Quebec

Baie-Comeau, September 20, 2022 – Local partners of the Industrial-Port Zone (IP zone), namely the Baie-Comeau Port, the City of Baie-Comeau, ID Manicouagan and the   Société du port ferroviaire de Baie-Comeau (SOPOR), wish to take advantage of the campaign election to challenge the candidates and the next government of  Quebec on its priorities and its demands that will allow Manicouagan to continue its vision of regional socio-economic development. 

First of all, in recent years, the actors of the economic development of the 

Manicouagan have accomplished a lot of work to position the region as a leader in the development of green energies in Quebec. Since 2016, the region has obtained the designation of industrial-port zone, developed its vision of an innovation zone in green metallurgy and alternative energies, acquired the port facilities of Baie-Comeau, developed the Jean-Noël-Tessier (JNT) industrial park, improved its offer in higher education courses (college and university) and has increased its collaboration with the Innu First Nation of Pessamit. 

“The community is very proud to have made rapid progress on these various issues to be able now to engage in the next strategic phase of its development,” confirms the elected prefect of the MRC of Manicouagan, Marcel Furlong. 

Today, with the provincial elections opportunity, the local partners of the IP Zone unite their voices to reaffirm their determination and their desire to achieve several large-scale priority projects mainly concentrated in the sectors of green energies and metallurgy.

The projects worth supporting in Manicouagan are:

Green hydrogen

Allow the establishment of a green hydrogen hub in Baie-Comeau, as an industrial base allowing the emergence of this sector in Quebec;

Battery sector  

Further support projects for the exploitation of critical and strategic minerals in the Baie-Comeau region, such as graphite from Lake Guéret;

Innovation zone

Confirm the recognition and funding required for the development of the innovation zone project, as submitted to the Government of Quebec;


Contribute to financing the infrastructure required to complete the JNT fleet, including the construction of a new power line;

Papetière of Baie-Comeau

Rehabilitation of the site to enable the realization of new projects;

Port of Baie-Comeau

Support the development of capacities at the port of Baie-Comeau, in particular the development of Terminal no. 5;

Knowledge, research & development

Build a collaborative and university research center with the UQAR in Baie-Comeau;


Establish incentives supporting the development of housing for workers and professionals.

For the Manicouagan region to carry out these projects, we are asking the next government to commit to prioritizing the Baie-Comeau industrial-port zone for the granting of an energy block as part of the government’s green hydrogen strategy and bioenergy deployed in spring 2022. 

“This request will be used directly to support the first two projects listed above and will enhance the full development potential of Manicouagan for Quebec,” specifies Mr. Furlong. 

The Manicouagan regional county municipality is perfectly positioned with the acceleration in the development of the green metallurgy, green hydrogen and bioenergy sectors in Quebec. In addition, with its deep-water port navigable year-round, Baie-Comeau offers excellent opportunities for Quebec to export its knowledge to markets that will invest massively in green energies and materials in the coming years.  

“By granting us an energy block, the government of Quebec will allow the Manicouagan to concretely contribute to improving Quebec’s carbon footprint and position itself as a global player in the green economy and sustainable development,” concludes the elected. 

Steve Berthiaume 
Corporate Affairs Coordinator 
Baie-Comeau Port 
Cell: 418 295-8004